Commitment to the land we work on

Huercasa has strong ties to the land we work on and we are committed to improving the areas we operate in and the lives of the people who live there. Our commitment to the rural world that is our home – we have facilities in several towns in Segovia and Valladolid – means that we face the daily challenge of producing well away from large population centres. 

We create employment and boost the local economy, providing opportunities in the rural world and taking an active part in the activities that strengthen the communities.  

Commitment to people

We want the people who work for  Huercasa to be happy and satisfied in their jobs. We want our employees to stay with the company throughout their careers and to come to feel that the company is an important part of their lives.   

Our overriding aim is to create quality employment and to offer our employees opportunities for promotion and ongoing improvement, including an important programme of continuous training. 

We want the people who work at Huercasa to be happy and satisfied in their jobs. We want to ensure that their jobs are sustainable and that our employees come to feel that the company is an important part of their lives.  

About 60 percent of people who works at Huercasa are women, which helps to consolidate the rural population.  

Of course, this commitment to people also extends to all our customers, and our clear objective is to satisfy their needs with healthy, convenient and delicious plant-based food. 

Our commitment to people also encompasses various institutions, associations and groups in our local area, with whom we work on social, sporting and educational programmes and activities. 

Commitment to the environment

Huercasa has been committed to the environment from the word go. We know that any industry, no matter how careful it may be, has an impact. At Huercasa we try to reduce the impact of our activities to a minimum. We do everything in our power to be a responsible company and devote sufficient human, economic and material resources to ensure that we are. From our work in the fields to the product reaching the consumer, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 


In 2022, we reduced the carbon footprint of our products by 18% compared to the previous year.

4.4 m3 of water

We have reduced the amount of water we consume per tonne of product by more than half, from 8.9 to 4.4 cubic metres per tonne.


We have installed and commissioned a photovoltaic farm at our production site, which already produces 30% of the energy we consume.

Commitment to the product

As an organisation, Huercasa and everyone in it, is fully committed to our products. We control the entire value chain, from cultivation to marketing, which allows us to guarantee maximum quality. 

In a constant effort to innovate, our company collaborates with universities, technology centres and companies in the search for products that are increasingly adapted to the needs of the consumer, with increasingly sustainable packaging and measures to reduce food waste. 

One of our main lines of action is the development of our range of BIO products, where we enhance their organoleptic qualities with the utmost respect for the environment. 

Our commitment in these areas, which is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is set out in our Sustainability Policy. Our Action Plan includes around one hundred specific measures and our contribution to the UN’s 2030 Agenda has been certified by AENOR since 2021.