Purpose, mission and values

Our corporate purpose is to grow and produce vegetables for our wide range of consumers that are not only healthy and delicious, but also easy to eat.  

Day in, day out, for more than 40 years, Huercasa taken up the challenge of providing our society with healthy food, taking the products that the countryside bestows on us and adding a dash of innovation to them, while maintaining their essence. 

Innovation allows us to make better use of the rural world’s productive capacity, create jobs and at the same time make life much easier for our consumers. But we also wanted to take our commitment to the rural world a step further, by focusing not only on economic issues and job creation, but also on helping to sustain life in our towns and villages. 


Huercasa was founded in 1979, with an innovative spirit and a clear commitment to the rural world. Endives were our first product, but they were also our first learning curve, and then in the eighties we became pioneers when we applied 5th range technology to vegetables and started marketing our beetroot.

In the early nineties we added sweet corn cobs and, since the mid-2000s we have expanded our export business, which has led to significant investment in infrastructure and technology to ensure we continue to grow – we now operate in almost 38 countries. 

Huercasa in figures

Countries where we operate
Days per year that we guarantee the best service
Years as 5th range leader in Europe
Hectares cultivated (Spain, Portugal, France and Romania)