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Steamed sweet potato halves

Steamed sweet potato halves


Store: Keep refrigerated at from 1 to 8º.

 · Vacuum-packed cooked sweet potatos 300g.


Gluten free2 rations


Energy: 466 kJ/109 kcal.
Fats: 2,8 g. of which 0,7 g. are saturated
Carbohydrates: 15 g. of which 7 g. are sugar
Protein: 3,2 g.
Salt: 0,04 g.

Sweet potato is an increasingly popular food with a wide range of uses, and just like potato is the perfect garnish for meat or fish. But it can also be sliced up in salads and stews, or halved, stuffed and baked. 

Our sweet potato is cooked to maintain its outstanding nutritional properties, and is available in two formats: halves and pieces.


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