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By Gastrocenicienta

How can a simple cream of vegetable soup become a flavoursome and subtle dish?
With this recipe for a vegan curried cream of sweet potato and potato soup that I have designed for Huercasa, I'll show you how. By using Huercasa's pre-cooked ingredients, this dish can be prepared in just fifteen minutes. Huercasa's new range of natural pre-cooked ingredients is perfect, as it allows me to save a lot of time in the kitchen. I also know that the ingredients used are of a high quality.


Topping: set aside a few drops of almond cream and slice of squash for decoration.

In a pan, lightly poach the spring onion in the oil. Add the sweet potato and cooked potatoes, and then add the curry powder and almond cream and mix well.

Leave on a low heat for a minute until the curry starts to bubble, then add the vegetable broth and stir.

Pour the mixture into a blender (I recommend an 'Optimum', which is the one I use). Blend until the mixture becomes a silky, smooth cream. The blender I use leaves the cream nice and smooth. However, if your blender is less powerful, I recommend that you pour the mixture through a sieve.

Serve the soup in individual bowls and decorate with a few drops of cream and small pieces of sweet potato.

And now enjoy it! It's easy and quick to make and is also healthy and full of flavour.

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